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On Thu, 05 Aug 1999 17:20:26 GMT, Preston Landers <mithy at>

> Hello everyone....
>I'm thinking of writing a Python program to download email from
>web-based services such as Yahoo mail, Deja, Hotmail, and so on, and
>deliever the mail in a format that standard unix mailers can use.
>I'm posting here to make sure that this work has not already been done.
>If someone has already seen a program like this, that can be adapted for
>a variety of web based email services, please let me know.  I'm not
>writing this as a learning exercise,  I just need the tool. ;-)

Its not in python, but if you are on a Windows system there is a
program called CWebMail (at that does pretty
much as you ask for Yahoo and hotmail. It acts as a proxy server so
you can download the mail into your normal mail program.

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