Alien whitespace eating nanovirus strikes again!

Randall Hopper aa8vb at
Wed Jun 2 19:23:31 CEST 1999

Aahz Maruch:
 |Paul Prescod  <paul at> wrote:
 |>...whitespace handling....
 |...this is one point that still annoys me.
 |Oh, I've gotten used to it, no question about that, and I even
 |appreciate the readability when it comes to working over someone else's
 |code (which is what I've mostly been doing).  But the whitespace problem
 |is a real PITA when it comes time to make a change to the structure of a
 |program -- it's an investment I don't mind making when I'm doing "real"
 |programming, but when I'm making a bunch of quick, fiddly changes to
 |debug something it continually gets in my way.

I actually have like Python's whitespace-as-syntax, but I can see your

If I was still locked onto vi, it'd be a pain, and I can see that being an
issue with some editors.  Though with emacs, there's rectangular kill
(^Xrk) and block indent/dedent (^X^I) -- key sequences I use without even
thinking anymore.


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