ANN: Stackless Python 0.2

Christian Tismer tismer at
Wed Jun 16 07:27:39 EDT 1999

Michael Hudson wrote:

> Ah, got this one; Naughty Chris's archive contains files with CRLF
> line endings. This doesn't bother gcc in most places, except where a
> backslash is used to continue a line, when it gets the screaming
> heebie-jeebies. Eliminate the nasty ^M's and it all gets better. Also
> diff stops reporting that every single line in the file as changed,
> which was confusing me.

Sorry about that. I developed under Windows, which silently
insertes the CR/LFs for (against) me.

The next release (coming soon) will run through a filter
before I post it.

ciao - chris

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