Suggestion: Dutch Python mailinglist

Tim Peters tim_one at
Sun Jun 6 22:11:39 CEST 1999

[Gerrit Holl]
> This e-mail is in two languages. Look below for the Dutch version.
> Deze e-mail is in twee talen. Kijk beneden voor de Nederlandse versie.
> Hello all,
> I'm a 13-years-old Dutch boy, and my English is not good. Now I have the
> chance to set up a Dutch python mailinglist. I know there are many Dutch
> python-users, but most of them know English very well. So will there be
> any users who'll subscribe to such a mailinglist, or will it
> remain very quiet?
> regards,
> Gerrit.

Gerrit, rest assured that your English is better than that of most
13-year-old Americans!  Don't know about young Englishmen, but they spell
funny anyway <wink>.

one-day-the-whole-world-will-speak-python-ly y'rs  - tim

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