Any Production ZOPE sites we can visit?

Evan Simpson evan at
Fri Jun 11 21:37:00 CEST 1999

Michael Kersey wrote in message <37614A32.79FE554E at>...
> Are there many production Zope sites visible on the www?

> It's a little tough to get my hands around how Zope works and what it
> can do without good examples.
The site is its own best example; you can view source for any page.

> Is Zope being used primarily for intranets?
No idea.  I run a whole collection of small sites on Zope, but the most
extensive of them is members-only, so you might not really be able to see
much.  Nevertheless:

Someone on Zope-list recently opened a
super-duper-all-singing-all-dancing-framed-JScripted site running on Zope,

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