Python GUIs: Abandoning TkInter and welcoming wxPython?

Scott Deerwester scott at
Tue Jun 29 07:23:59 EDT 1999

Corran Webster wrote:

> John Travers <jtravs at> wrote:
>> Has anybody tried the PyKDE/Qt package, (you don't have to have KDE), it is
>> absoloutly fantastic, quick, easy, powerful, far far better than Tkinter.
>> I love it!
> This is missing the point - although PyKDE/Qt might be a very nice GUI, it's
> not cross-platform in the same way as Tcl/Tk.  The same goes for Fltk,
> gtk or what have you.  It sounds like wxWindows might be getting near
> the same level of cross-platform compatibility - and it certainly seems
> to be one of the groups' objectives - it's not there yet.

That's probably true, but Qt IS cross-platform. Has anybody ever tried running
pyKDE with the Windows version of Qt? I've used pyKDE a bit and it seems to win
in regard to completeness and usability. One "problem" is that pyKDE (unlike Qt)
seems to have tightly coupled KDE (which isn't cross-platform) with Qt (which

Haven't used wxWindows yet. I've used Tkinter a fair bit and have grown to
dislike it. Very awkward windowing and event model, as others have pointed out.
It also tends to be kind of ugly. Qt yields a lot prettier interfaces. and wins
on functionality. PythonWin is okay, but (obviously) Windows only. Sigh.

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