Why won't this work???

Jr. King n at n.com
Thu Jun 3 13:44:21 CEST 1999

I don't feel I have the right to get an answer.  I would have been ok if the
question was ignored and not even looked at.  I don't need Mark questioning
my decency.  And the wording and use of an exclamation point doesn't sound
very friendly to me.  c.l.c stands comp.lang.c++.

I felt Mark's answer would be better served if he would have just said don't
post so much code.  Try to drill down to the problem.  And encode your email
in such a way it can be humanly read and not by machine.  That would have
been cool, but as you can see I will not put my email up anyway.  Most of
the time people look for email answer they get the response Post here, Read
Here, I thought that was a rule.

Lets not waste any more time with this battle of opinions.  I can say he was
wrong all I want, and you can say he wasn't.  You will not be changing my

Happy coding.

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