"The Python Way"

Graham Matthews graham at sloth.math.uga.edu
Sun Jun 6 20:21:02 EDT 1999

Robert Meegan (Robert.Meegan at wcom.com) wrote:
: Paranoid is a little harsh, Graham. May I suggest parochial?

Yes I agree that "parochial" is a much better choice of word. Less
"aggresive" and more descriptive of what I meant. Thanks.

Robert Meegan (Robert.Meegan at wcom.com) wrote:
: My opinion (which will get you a cup of coffee, if you ever meet me and
: profess to share it) is that I would prefer to avoid syntax changes and
: keyword additions.
: while 1:
: 	[...]
: 	if x:
: 		break
: 	else:
: 		[...]

To be perfectly honest I consider most arguments about syntax to be a
pointless waste of time (notice that I haven't posted in either the
'whitespace noise' thread or the 'while' thread). Language semantics
are a much more interesting kettle of fish and for my money really
"define" a language.

Robert Meegan (Robert.Meegan at wcom.com) wrote:
: The way to get significant changes incorporated into Python is to discuss
: them in this august forum, until a consenus emerges (preferably including a

The key word is "discuss". To have a "discussion" one must have participants
who don't simply want to defend "the python way". That's where that word
"parachial" comes in!
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