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jeremy at jeremy at
Thu Jun 3 00:23:31 CEST 1999

I have noticed what appear to be problems with the gateway between
the mailing list (python-list at and the newsgroup -- and
more specifically with the view of the newsgroup at dejanews.

Since about last Thursday, messages I have sent to
python-list at haven't been showing up at Deja News. I
would assume they also aren't showing up in the newsgroup, but
I'm not sure.

So two questions: First, has anyone else noticed problems with messages
sent to the mailing list not appearing in the newsgroup?  Trying
to establish the scope of the problem.  Perhaps it's just weirdness
related to my messages.  Second, has anyone seen posts from me on the
newsgroup lately -- say in the Python 2.0 thread?  (I'm sure everybody
keeps track of all the witty and insightful comments I make <1.0 wink>.)


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