Starting a project: any hints?

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> Hello python-aholics,
> I'm a 13-years-old-boy and I've about half a year programming
experience. And
I started a similar project called Lritaunas Peki , currently this
project is quite ''frozen'' ( or dead) :

I have started nearly a dozen of small (freeware) projects and I
can give you some pieces of advice:
- Make your program works from the very first day , it doesn't matter
if it barely works.
- Don't be ambitious, be humble and try easier/simpler things always.
- Involve other people in the project, keeping an open mind and a lot
of patience!
- Post a lot about it in newsgroups and freshmeat.
- Work a lot in your project, if you don't nobody will it do for you!
- Use python, it's by far the best thing you can use: objects and

I wish you luck, boy.
And remember if you don't succeed at the first time,... next will be

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