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Graham Matthews graham at
Wed Jun 2 22:42:59 CEST 1999

Martijn Faassen (faassen at wrote:
: This sounds like an interesting idea; I believe I saw references to
: garbage collecting schemes that help clean up circular references caused
: by referencing counting. I forget where, though. :)

Here. I posted comments in this thread and in a similar thread about
such systems. They are generally all variations on mark and sweep
collection. The more efficient ones use colouring.

Martijn Faassen (faassen at wrote:
: * In the complex case, garbage collecting is nice as it cleans up
: circular references. There are unwanted side-effects of its
: unpredictability, though; a possible leaking of resources (files which
: aren't closed), and some difficulties interfacing with C.

I don't buy either of these difficulties since I have worked with and
implemented systems which have full garbage collection and have no
problems interfacing to C, or dealing with resources like files. These
are all arguments against *some* garbage collection schemes, but not


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