Need Berkley DB!!

Skip Montanaro skip at
Mon Nov 1 18:03:55 CET 1999

    Thomas> After I spent most of my weekend trying to get Berkley DB to
    Thomas> work with Python on my Linux ( Suse 6.1) machine, I`ve now given
    Thomas> up completly.  I`ve tried to install DB.1.85. and DB.2.7.7,
    Thomas> neither worked, either crashing under installation ( which of
    Thomas> course, is not Python related ) or when I tried to test the
    Thomas> installation with the examples in the documentation ( the
    Thomas> wrapper for the 2.7.5-module listed at, under
    Thomas> modules, databases ).

Berkeley DB is a strange beast.  It's available on a number of platforms
where it's used for things like password databases and sendmail mappings.
Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to upgrade without figuring out all
the places it's used and upgrading those tools as well.

(Not saying this is your problem, just speculating.)

there's-always-gdbm-ly y'rs,

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