Need Berkley DB!!

Thomas Weholt thomas at
Mon Nov 1 10:33:56 CET 1999


After I spent most of my weekend trying to get Berkley DB to work with
Python on my Linux ( Suse 6.1) machine, I`ve now given up completly.
I`ve tried to install DB.1.85. and DB.2.7.7, neither worked, either
crashing under installation ( which of course, is not Python
related ) or when I tried to test the installation with the examples in
the documentation ( the wrapper for the 2.7.5-module listed at, under modules, databases ).

Puh!! I really need some database, cuz` dumbdbm seem to be ineffecient
( both on size and speed ) when I did some serious testing. My question
is ; is there another database-module/dist. I can use with Python which
is platform-independant ( and perhaps easier to get to work ) or is
there a Python version available with built-in Berkley DB-support ( libs
and all, no more installation needed )??

I know the win32all.exe stuff and Python for Windows seem to have these
things built in but I really don`t want to go back to programming in
Windows again, even if it is using Python.

Any ideas?! I really need help on this one.

Best regards,
Thomas Weholt

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