Python and sending emails with it

Kevin McDermott kevinmcd at
Sun Nov 14 12:25:09 EST 1999

I have a small function to do just this on my site...

It provides for a file to be sent as a non-attachment, in my example it is
for the data that is attached...

It's used in an application that I developed for my employer, but the code
is free.

Jeremy Misavage <tekhir at> wrote in article
<382E2DB2.A00B9109 at>...
> I'm kinda new to python and I'm trying to write a small program that will
> in form data, save it in a db, and then send an email to a person.
> The program processes a users request for a "equipment request."  It gets
> loggged in a db (already done) and sends an email to the person in change
of the
> equipment.  I need help on the email part.  Does some out there have some
> that will taken data and send it to a person.  It shouldn't need a
username and
> password, but if it does I'll live with that.

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