Python complaints

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Nov 24 08:17:39 EST 1999

Thomas Hamelryck <thamelry at> wrote:
> I don't want to start the discussion about indentation again; it's no use
> since indenting blocks is here to stay. The point is that if you want to 
> write code that looks ugly or unreadable you will succeed in doing that,
> indentation or not. In many cases, using a variable indentation (depending
> on what construct you are using or the length of a line) leads to code
> that is visuably much more appealing.

you make that sound like a scientific fact.  can
you point us to some research, or is it just yet
another random opinion?

(if it is, we simply disagree.  and for the record,
my opinion is based on many years of experience
from using Python with casual programmers, and
from hacking in huge Python programs written by
other programmers...  what's your opinion based


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