(off topic) Re: About RedHat 6.1 install program

Tom Culliton culliton at clark.net
Tue Nov 2 15:51:31 CET 1999

In article <000701bf2514$01458490$f29b12c2 at secret.pythonware.com>,
Fredrik Lundh <fredrik at pythonware.com> wrote:
>johndoe0521 at my-deja.com wrote:
>> I think this might be python's problem.
>have you contacted redhat?  did they tell you
>to ask here?
>if not, try:
>if they *did* tell you to ask here, you most provide
>more information.  what did they say?  what errors

There are at least two problems, first a mount/unmount problem in Red
Hat's logic, second an extra comma on line 1508 line of todo.py.  The
real trigger seems to be when you run out of disk space after packaage
selection and have to back up.  Go to the following URL, then to the
query page, and query for the "Red Hat Linux", "6.1", "installer"
package, and you should find several (178) bugzilla items possibly
related to your problem.  Including "python" in the description field
as a criteria will narrow the list some (31 items).  ;-)


Bottom line the new Anaconda installer is NEW, and like too mch new
software hasn't had enough of the wrinkles shaken out.  The switch to
gnorpm in RH 6.0 was just as bad, the app was several steps back from
glint which it replaced, the version with 6.1 is miles better but I
still know at least 3 ways to crash it.  Over all Red Hat tends to
push stuff out the door a little early for my taste.

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