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Wed Nov 24 18:11:20 EST 1999

I've build a little mailthingy based on the 11.9.2 SMTP Example  from Python 
Library Reference but when I use it I'll get an empty mail with no sender 
and no msg, eventhough I don't get any errors whatsoever...Do I have to 
change something with the headers? If yes, what?

Using the example as is (with the change of the servername) doesn't work, 
it'll come out as:

send: 'ehlo\015\012'
reply: ' Hello, ESMTP 
reply: '250-VRFY\015\012'
reply: '250-EXPN\015\012'
reply: '250-ETRN\015\012'
reply: '250 SIZE\015\012'
reply: retcode (250); Msg: Hello, 
send: 'mail FROM:<alexis> size=10\015\012'
reply: '250 <alexis>, Sender accepted\015\012'
reply: retcode (250); Msg: <alexis>, Sender accepted
send: 'rcpt TO:<ulf.engstroem at>\015\012'
reply: '250 <ulf.engstroem at>, Recipient ok\015\012'
reply: retcode (250); Msg: <ulf.engstroem at>, Recipient ok
send: 'data \015\012'
reply: '354 Enter mail, end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>\015\012'
reply: retcode (354); Msg: Enter mail, end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
data: (354, 'Enter mail, end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>')
send: 'Small msg\015\012'
send: '\015\012.\015\012'
reply: '250 Ok, message saved\015\012'
reply: retcode (250); Msg: Ok, message saved
data: (250, 'Ok, message saved')
send: 'quit \015\012'
reply: '221 See ya in cyberspace\015\012'
reply: retcode (221); Msg: See ya in cyberspace

Thanx a lot for all previous help :)
Best regards

Ulf Engstrøm
ulf.engstrom at

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