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Christian Tismer tismer at
Wed Nov 17 15:17:07 CET 1999

Neil Schemenauer wrote:
> I spent a bit of time today and updated my Python web site.  The
> highlights are:
> ------------
> A Stand-alone version of Python for Windows. It includes Python
> 1.5.2, Tcl, zlib and bsddb.  It fits on a floppy and can be
> extracted and run from any location.  Just add your application
> code.

Just a question here:
I did a stand-alone version too a while ago, but didn't publish
it for the following reason:
If a user happens to import *any* .pyd module which is built
for Windows, this pyd will try to load python15.dll since they
all link against it. Did you provide something which at least
prevends this problem?
One possible solution would be a stub python15.dll just to be safe,
which itself is linked against you .exe file. This works as far as
I remember, but then you are at two files again, and the question
remains why this is better than to have what we now have?

cheers - chris

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