Building wxPython [was Re: wxPython and DISLIN work nicely together]

Robin Dunn robin at
Mon Nov 22 14:34:25 EST 1999

> Robin Dunn:
>  |This makes me wonder how you built wxWindows at all if these errors are
>  |the wxWindows headers...  What about the wxWindows sample apps, do they
>  |compile?
> Beats me but wxWindows worked out of the box.

Well, it makes sense now that you've discovered that Python headers define
NULL and wxWindows never includes Python.h anywhere except in wxPython code.

> With the helpers.cpp NULL hack I just described, it got to the point of
> linking, and failed trying to find wxPyHelpers:
>     CC  -shared -all wx.o windows.o windows2.o windows3.o events.o misc.o
misc2.o gdi.o mdi.o controls.o controls2.o cmndlgs.o stattool.o frames.o
image.o printfw.o sizers.o
clip_dnd.o -L/home/rhh/software/wxGTK-2.1.11/utils/wxPython/src
`wx-config --libs`  -lwxPyHelpers   -o
>     C++ prelinker: warning: could not locate library -lwxPyHelpers;
assuming /usr/lib/libwxPyHelpers.a
>     ld32: FATAL   9  : I/O error (-lwxPyHelpers): No such file or
>     gmake: *** [] Error 2
> is the first thing built in the wxPython/src directory.
It hasn't been installed yet until you get to the -i step, but it
does exist in the current directory.  Maybe your linker needs a "-L." ?
Setting OTHERLFLAGS="-L." in build.local might help.

> assumes that the utils/ directory is named wxPython.  I just left
> it wxPython-2.1.11 since the README.txt file said
> I'm also building under the wxGTK build tree's utils/ dir since I didn't
> see whether wxPython expected to build under the wxGTK build or installed
> trees, and under the build tree made more sense.  Judging from the default
> search path of -L$(WXWIN)/utils/wxPython/src for files in the wxPython
> build tree (WXWIN being the wxGTK installed tree), now I'm changing my
> guess.  Which should it be?

By default expects things to be just as they are in the CVS tree,
which is $(WXWIN)/utils/wxPython/src.  You can override this in your
build.local by setting WXPSRCDIR like this:

    WXPSRCDIR = "~/MyStuff/wxPython-2.1.11/src"

I've been updating the build instructions over the last few days to help
people around issues like this and others.  There is version as of a few
days ago at
l, and there has also been a few more changes since then.

Robin Dunn
Software Craftsman
robin at  Check it out!

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