making the Python case to my dept.

Thomas A. Bryan tbryan at
Sun Nov 7 00:49:24 EST 1999

Michael Hudson wrote:

> ``import rlcompleter''!!

Thanks.  I used to use this, but I took a break from Python, changed 
environments, and forgot about it.  

> [snippo two]
> > Do math majors or engineers learn their critical job skill's in their
> > first classes?
> What are mathematicians' critical job skills? I'm curious, being one,
> and not having being taught anything resembling a `critical job skill'
> yet, and happy about it.

It depends what job you're looking for. :)

I was thinking more about applied math and engineering students, 
but if you're intending to stay in academia, then being able to 
write and explain proofs is a job skill.  So is teaching ability.

I happen to have a math degree, and I specialized in topology with 
some emphasis on knot theory.  When I was originally looking for jobs, 
I emphasized my problem-solving skills and my ability to deal with 
large doses of abstraction and technical literature.

I've found that experience hammering down details to make an air-tight, 
pedantic proof really helps when I'm trying to debug a program.

It-sounds-better-than-"I-can-tie-my-shoes"-ly yours


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