Fred Pacquier fredp at
Mon Nov 15 12:08:36 CET 1999

ivanlan at (Ivan Van Laningham) said :

>Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
>> You don't say! I just went there, spurred on by your posting to
>> enter my own efforts. Just when I had done so, I noticed that one
>> of them was already there - really good work! It seems to be very,
>> very nice, indeed.
>Same thing happened to me.  I thought, "surely he hasn't added my stuff,
>no one knows about it."  Too late, there they were.  I'm impressed.

Impressive, indeed. I went there to check because I posted (for the first 
time) an announce for a very modest snippet a month or two ago, and sure 
enough, it is there too. It seems considerable effort has been made to seed  
the archive with recent newsgroup content, and that could make a big 
difference... I do hope the effort is rewarded and Parnassus evolves into 
the CPAN or Freshmeat Python users have been lacking !


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