Python and Smalltalk and Java envy

Wostenberg pwos at
Sat Nov 6 20:40:16 CET 1999

Doug Way wrote:

> From a historical point of view, Smalltalk is a little like Lisp, in
> that it's a little outside of the mainstream, but it has enough new
> ideas in it that will give it a very long lifespan.  Smalltalk will
> still be relevant 20 years from now, just as Lisp-based languages are
> still reasonably relevant today, after 40 years.  I suppose "having a
> lot of new ideas" and "being a little outside of the mainstream" go hand
> in hand.  (Smalltalk isn't *that* obscure, though... there are more
> Smalltalk programming jobs available than, say, Python or Lisp jobs.)

Intersting observation. Perhaps it comes down to those of us who are
comfortable with niche languages (Python, Smalltalk, Lisp) and those who
suffer Java-envy . Do Python people, Ada advocates, or little Lispers wring
there hands about the fact "we are not the most used language?" Why should


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