A Modest Proposal -- <wink>

Clarence Gardner clarence at beach.silcom.com
Sun Nov 7 02:27:59 CET 1999

Patrick Phalen <python-list at teleo.net> wrote:
: In XHTML, this has discrepancy been ameliorated by adding the closing
: delimiter "/>" to "<br>", to yield "<br/>". This indicates to the
: XML processor that the tag is EMPTY. Therefore, under the new proposal,
: "<wink>" would, of necessity, become "<wink/>".

In fact, since <BR>, while empty, does admit of attributes, XHTML must
allow tokens to follow the slash, and this allows the very important
fractional winkery to be spelt also.  I'm sure we can get the TimBot to
change to using divisors rather than multipliers. <wink/10>

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