A Modest Proposal -- <wink>

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at vet.uu.nl
Mon Nov 8 12:54:14 EST 1999

Patrick Phalen <python-list at teleo.net> wrote:
> Please consider writing email to the HTML Working Group in support of
> this proposal.

Okay, done. A copy here:

Dear HTML Working Group, XML Working Group,

It is imperative and essential that you include the <wink> tag in your
proposals. If not, the Timbot will not be able to produce XHTML 
compliant output, and the whole Internet will grind to a halt as a 

To adopt the <wink> tag some minor changes to XML need to be made. The
<wink> tag affects any _previous_ (not containing) markup. I am
proposing a system called XWTSNTSDL (XML Wink Tag Schedule Namespace
Transformation Semantic Disruption Language) to deal with this. XWTSNTSDL
depends on the two other proposals I sent to you previously: XGNBAML and
XACL (XML Grand Name But Actually MeaningLess and XML Acronym Complexification

As you can see, XWTSNTSDL is fully consistent with your current proposals. 
It is therefore expected the major internet browsers will soon be able to
support these new standards.


Martijn Faassen, PSU (Python Secret Underground)

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