Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Mon Nov 22 08:18:19 EST 1999

Just a quick note to say that the (public domain) bytecodehacks have,
after a lengthy fallow period, reached version 0.60. The approach of the
version numbers to 1.0 should not be taken to mean anything.

Not much has changed; some things are neater/safer, I've corrected a few
typos in the docs and incorporated a couple of changes suggested by Evan

Oh yes, there's a prototype Python assembler. Most useful, I'm sure!

The package is now distributed using the distutils. Is this the first
package to do so?

Comments are, as ever, appreciated.


<P><A HREF="">bytecodehacks 0.60</A>
A minor update to the package that lets you do unlikely things in Python
by manipulating strings of bytecode. - (1999/11/22)

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