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Robert Meegan rm at murl.com
Tue Nov 9 09:54:25 EST 1999

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On 11/8/99, 5:13:19 PM, Benoit Ciceron <bciceron at rsn.hp.com> wrote 
regarding [Python] header (fwd):

> can we get an automatic subject header : "[Python]" to ALL messages
> submitted to the list , including replies and newsgroup threads ?

> thank you,

> ben_

If what you want is a way to filter mailing list messages, may I 
suggest that you look for "python-list" in both the "To:" and "CC:" 
fields. If you would like to sort your mail, "[Python]" is not 
adequate, as you will need to add the capability to move all of 
Guido's and Tim Peters' mail to the top while moving anything with 
"Perl" in the subject or body to the bottom.

--- Robert

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