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Wed Nov 17 09:49:05 EST 1999

Tim Peters writes:
 > No, I doubt the service pack has anything to do with it.  What's "obvious"
 > in the MS world is that it's a random bug that maybe 1 person in 1000 can
 > reproduce.  That's par for the MS course!  Or did many people report the
 > same problem with NT SP4?  I saw one report here, and a partial possible

  Only the one report, but that's enough for me to implement a simple
  As a Unix-weenie, I consider it evil to reformat & reinstall an
entire system!  Heck, I don't even restart XEmacs for months if the
power company cooperates.  ;-)

 > The usual MS fix is to scandisk, defrag, clear all the caches, and reinstall
 > stuff from scratch.  And I haven't had more than 8 browser bugs that weren't
 > eventually cured by reformatting my hard drives <wink>.

  I fixed an NT installation by repartitioning and reformatting once,
but I skipped the reinstallation step and used the space under my O/S
of choice.  Works better now.  ;-)


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