How to perform syntax check in Python

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Nov 11 09:17:15 CET 1999

Meera <meera_bavadekar at> wrote:
> I am looking for  a utility to perform syntax validation in python.
> Consider following code -
> try:
>   a = 3
>   print a
>   #Do some more processing
> except:
>   print b
> The fact that variable b is not defined is known only when we get
> exception.
> We will get 'NameError exception' _not_  the actual exception we are
> expecting.
> When we have multi-developer and multi-platform environment - such
> feature is crucial.  This is one area which I would like python to improve
> over conventional language.

having been there and done that, I'd say a good testing
harness is a better way to address that -- helps you find
both code glitches and real bugs (!).

but if you really prefer linting, check out chordate's pylint 
utility, available from:


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