PIL 1.0 on win32?

Arpad Kiss sekter at mail.matav.hu
Mon Nov 15 06:46:03 EST 1999

I have a PIL based Zope product I have been developing on a Linux box. I
just wanted to test it on a Windows NT(sp5), but it doesn't work.:-(
At first it didn't recognize my fonts, because the readline method on win32
returns 10+13 at the end of the lines and in ImageFont.py only \n is
After I  solved it I got an error message(memory error in line 151 of
ImageDraw.py) when I wanted to draw some text.
When I commented out the text drawing code in my program, then I got back a
picture, but it is mirrored!
Of course on linux box my program works fine.
I just want know who else use PIL 1.0 on win32 and what experiences they
have. Should this text drawing function work? Is it my fault?
Best regards,
Arpad Kiss

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