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Ivan Van Laningham ivanlan at callware.com
Fri Nov 5 13:18:46 EST 1999

Hi All--

Randall Hopper wrote:


>      Install note: No luck running it on NT4; no GUI or console messages
> appeared at all, though I didn't have Acroread installed there (possibly
> what confused it, though I would still have expected an error message). 

I have NT4.0 SP5; the Acrobat reader installed correctly, even told me
that Acrobat 3.0 was installed and that I should uninstall that.  I
chose not to, because I have a licensed copy of the Acrobat Exchange pdf
generator and so on along with 3.0.  

I did have to go in and edit the path to the Acrobat executable in file
associations, though, in order to get pdf files to be read by 4.0.

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