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On Wed, 01 Sep 1999 16:48:24 -0400, David Oppenheimer
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>I found the PIL (still can't swallow this PIL with the 1.5.2 distribution ...
>lol) here:
>I have tried downloading and installing your package (py15) from here
>and found that now everything now seems to work (although with a version of
>Python that is over a year removed from the most current distro available).
>Which leads me to two very interesting questions:
>1) Do I have to wait for you to get around to making a new pre compiled
>package to use PIL with Python 1.5.2?

No, the PIL binary should work on a normal install (i.e. from, not the py15 package).  No one has gotten around to
distributing a Windows binary for 1.0, yet, but 1.0b1 is available
from <URL:>.
Just use Winzip to unpack it into your Python directory (it will
create a "pil" subdirectory), and create a text file named "pil.pth"
in your Python directory.  Its contents should be the single word

Another suggestion, echoed at least one other on this thread, would be
to *not* install Python as a subdirectory of "C:\Program Files".  The
spaces tend to screw things up a lot.

>2) Why isn't a module which has broad appeal like the Python Imaging Library
>included with the core Python 1.5.2 package?  

Release schedules, lean&mean-ness, not enough people needing to
manipulate images in Python, etc.

>For that matter why not include
>NumPy also.  

That one, I'd have to agree with.  I think that NumPy arrays and
ufuncs should become core datatypes.  They're just too useful.

>It sure would save alot of headaches for those of us that don't
>dream in 1's and 0's.
>I'm going to guess that your answer would be something along the lines of
>"code bloat", but since 1.5.1, the code has bloated from 2.3 MB to 5 MB.

It wasn't the code that bloated, just that the Windows installer was
altered to include the Tcl/Tk installer as well.  The major motivation
behind that decision, I think was the inclusion of IDLE in the main
release.  We didn't want people being turned off from Python because
the IDE that came with it didn't work Out-Of-Box.


>David O.


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