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Robert Hicks rhicks at nospam.rma.edu
Mon Apr 17 11:10:34 EDT 2000

try this... http://www.python.org/download/download_mac.html

I am not a Mac person...but it might get you there.


"Jeff Massung" <jmassung at magpiesystems.com> wrote in message
news:XBFK4.16$Uq2.1831 at news.uswest.net...
> First, I'd like to give my undying praise to PYTHON: Essential Reference,
> David M. Beazley. I'm an accomplished C/C++ programmer who wanted to learn
> Python. This book was IT! Anyone whose reading this that is in my shoes -
> get this book! It's some of the best $35 I've spent!
> Next, a question for those who've been doing this: is there a color IDE
> (just a nicer thing that IDLE) for the Mac? I've heard that Alpha (which I
> just downloaded) has a Python mode, but I can't seem to find it. Is there
> something else, either? can MPW do it? BBEdit?
> Thanks, guys.
> Also, on another NG there's talk about Python, and how it does (and still
> doesn't) do garbage collecting. Could someone here expand on it so I know
> what it can and can't do? Memory is a big issue in my project and I need
> know how to structure my program so that garbage is collected. Thanks
> again!!
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