Newbie question on 'cmpfiles':

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On Tue, 05 Dec 2000 05:59:02 GMT, harisri at <harisri at> wrote:
>I am a newbie user to python 2.0
>Can someone help me by explaining 'cmpfiles' function with a simple
>I am trying to compare 2 directories, but not sure about the syntaxof
>this function. The "Python Reference Library" did not help me on this.
>[What does "common" mean in "cmpfiles(dir1, dir2, common)"?]

This function is used to compare *files*, not directories. Multiple files
in these directories.

To compare directories, use dircmp class:

dircmp (a, b[, ignore[, hide]])
Construct a new directory comparison object, to compare the
directories a and b. ignore is a list of names to ignore, and
defaults to ['RCS', 'CVS', 'tags']. hide is a list of names to
hid, and defaults to [os.curdir, os.pardir].

report ()
Print (to sys.stdout) a comparison between a and b.

etc.. It's in 2.0 lib ref under filecmp

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