Compiling Python 2.0 with Berkeley DB 3.0.55?

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Fri Dec 15 17:57:55 CET 2000

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> Hi there!
> In our company we have a Linux server with the Berkeley DB 3.0.55
> installed and some DB-3.0.55 files. I compiled Python 2.0 out of the box
> on that machine and the dbhash module worked fine for the DB files. But
> on my own workstation I get the error message "Invalid argument" from
> when I try to open a DB-3.0.55 file. I compiled Berkeley
> DB 3.0.55 and replaced the db*.h files in /usr/include/ and libdb.a in
> /usr/lib/ but it just won't work. Any hints?

Is this is on an existing file created on the other system?  Can you create
and use new files with  If so the file may have become
corrupted or something.  Try running db_verify (one of the utilities built
when you compiled DB) on the file and see what it tells you.

P.S. In case you are interested, the next generation of Berkeley DB wrappers
is available at

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