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Fri Dec 8 09:53:21 CET 2000

Mark Hadfield wrote:
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> > What a rude response to a polite and legitimate question.
> Well I think a more legitimate question would have been:
> "I want to know about Pythons origins. I've looked in the obvious places,
> i.e., and read the stuff there but I want to know more about
> this: ..."

Granted, this would have been a better approach.  I'm not saying it was
best question ever, but I have no qualms with calling it legitimate.

It sounded legitimate to me since he was asking about the history of the
language.  This isn't necessarily something a newbie would assume was
on It seems to me that as a community we should be 
encouraging people to read our history, not jumping on them for asking 
about it in the wrong way.

I guess we've all got our own standards for what's a legitimate question
what's a waste of our time -- that's fine by me.  I just don't like it
when I
see an obvious newbie flamed for asking a relatively innocuous (if
inane) question.
It's not good for the atmosphere in c.l.p. when somebody who's clearly
been here before gets clobbered for something this trivial.

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