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Sun Dec 31 10:13:53 EST 2000

[Cameron Laird (about Heisenberg's Law)]
> Metaphoric application to macroscopic phenomena is, as Moshe notes,
> often overdone.

[Aahz Maruch]
> And in some cases, it's underdone as a metaphor.  I remember reading an
> article recently about how poor "focus groups" are for getting useful
> results.  One of the examples given was about how the experimenters were
> watching one focus group that was giving them bizarre results; the
> experiementers were behind one-way glass.  As the test group filed out
> of the room, one of the troublesome subjects turned to the one-way
> glass, smiled, and waved.

No, that's exactly the kind of examples I meant had nothing to do 
with Heisenberg, even as a metaphore. Heisenberg states that when you're
measuring one quantity, you're changing *another* quantity. There
are useful macroscopic metaphores. Consider a phone-conducted poll,
where the caller asks you for half an hour which brands of products
you like, and then tries to see if you're a relaxed person or not.
Naturally, you'll be exasperated. That would entitle you to say
the poll was Heisenberged -- the more exactly they'll want to know
about your consuming habits, they'll more they'll change your state
of mind.

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