Running a python script from JAVA, with correct indentation

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Running a python script from JAVA, with correct indentation:

> Hi,

> I'm trying to run a script from a file. The script is written in 
python. The
> script is a telnet session between a router and a computer. If I run 
> script from a DOS prompt window, everything is good. But if I start 
> script from my program, using a Runtime object, there's a problem. The
> communication between the router and the computer is stop, even if the
> telnet session is still open. Here's the JAVA code:
> Is there someone have a solution?

Well, this is a blind guess without seeing the python code, but are 
you using os.popen() somewhere?  The windows C-runtime has a problem 
redirecting console i/o if there isn't a console open (like a dos 
window).  So this could describe your problem.  Look at the python FAQ 
for "popen" for more info.

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