Best book to learn Python?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at
Thu Mar 2 15:32:12 CET 2000

Snoopy :-)) wrote:
> There is a New Book which supposed to be a very good one for Beginners. It
> is expected to be available March-21. Published by "SAMS".
> The Title is:  "Teach Yourself Python In 24-Hours"
>  The  Author is: Alan Gauld.

If that's what it says it's wrong!
This is Ivan's book.

I have a Web tutor for begoinners (and am publishing 
an enhanced version as a book hopefully later this year)
but TYP in 24H is Ivan not me!

> He also has a Tutorial called "Learning To Program" 
> which I found very good.

Thanks for that, it is mine!

> You can get it at the following Site:

Or directly at:

(No adverts on this one!)

Giving-credit-where-credit-is-due'ly yrs,

Alan G.

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