US v Microsoft

hamlet at hamlet at
Wed Mar 29 05:35:53 CEST 2000

I think that what many people lose sight of in defending Microsoft is
that any concentration of power of this magnitude has the potential
for being abused. I think that this litigation has been very broadly
based and courageous; I respect the government lawyers for using the
rule of law to attempt to check the tyrannical exercise of power.

I also think that Microsoft has already suffered great reverses in the
court of public opinion, especially expert opinion. It is incumbent on
those of us who have expert knowledge to marshall that knowledge in
the service of fair play.

In one sense, the points raised in this litigation have been made moot
by certain technical advances, most notably the open source movement.
The unavoidable reality is that these developments have come about in
spite of the concerted efforts of Microsoft the thwart them. That, I
believe , gives the lie to any claim of Microsoft to be an

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