Some bugs in Pythonwin b.128

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Mar 29 00:58:02 CEST 2000

Many of these are not bugs, but limitations that are unlikely to
get fixed - the effort simply isnt worth the reward.  Patches are
welcome of course.

"Michal Bozon" <bozon at> wrote in message
news:Pine.OSF.4.10.10003281852310.6437-100000 at prfdec.natur.cuni.c
> I would like to report some bugs in Pythonwin build 128, I hope
this is
> one of the best places.

> There is a problem with displaying fonts. Displayed font is
> not exactly that I have selected in options. I have selected
> Lucida Console 8 as an editor font. But the font size displayed

This has been fixed after 128

> Interactive window (either docked or undocked) stays on top,
> so it overlays windows with scripts. It would be better if
> the docked interactive window could be overlayed with the

Undocked does not stay on top.  There are a number of states - if
"docked", it can either be docked or floating - both of these are
always on top.  If not "docked", it is a regular Window, and will
sit below other Windows correctly.

> I want to have keywords highlited in orange color, like in
> But it is impossible, because I can choose only from 16 basic
> I know that this is rather a Scintilla limitation.

This is not scintilla, but Pythonwin - I simply cant be bothered
determining how many colours your system currently has and
responding appropriately.

> I don't know if this is a bug, but in interactive window when I
> write e.g. a module name with dot and I continue writing a
> it popups a list with avalable methods. If I click on any item
> with a mouse, it copletes in a row. But if I press <Enter>,
> it does not complete, but I think it should (like e.g. in
> Clicking with mouse is slow.

Use "tab"

> The behaviour mentioned in previous bug (popup "autocompletion"
> is very useful. Would it be possible to add also very useful
> known from IDLE 0.5, I mean when I write a function name and
> the beginning bracket, it appears a tip "window" with list of
> of function and the docstring.

This works for every one else :-)

> In win32 extensions help file, there is not included a win32gui
> module. I think it was included in build 125.



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