Some bugs in Pythonwin b.128

Michal Bozon bozon at
Tue Mar 28 18:57:22 CEST 2000

I would like to report some bugs in Pythonwin build 128, I hope this is
one of the best places.
When I run tool "Edit Python Path", items in tree are showed
incorrectly, they are "truncated". After opening any tree
node, this one is showed correctly. The same problem is also
with the class list.
- - - - -
In the Edit Python Path tree there are plus miniicons by all
folders, even by ones which do not have "subfolders".
(InstallPath/InstallGroup, PythonPath/win32, /Dll, ...)
It is very confusing and tempts to click.
- - - - -
There is a problem with displaying fonts. Displayed font is
not exactly that I have selected in options. I have selected
Lucida Console 8 as an editor font. But the font size displayed
is smaller (Comparing the same font displayed in other programs).
When I select size 9, it is displayed correctly, but I want size 8.
I have selected Error text, Output text as Lucida, but it is
probably Courier New.
I know that this is rather a Scintilla bug.
- - - - -
Interactive window (either docked or undocked) stays on top,
so it overlays windows with scripts. It would be better if
the docked interactive window could be overlayed with the script
window, or even better if it would be selectable if the window
is topmost or not.
- - - - -
I want to have keywords highlited in orange color, like in IDLE.
But it is impossible, because I can choose only from 16 basic colors.
I know that this is rather a Scintilla limitation.
- - - - -
If I delete all content of the interactive window, and type
in the first line, this is still blue.
- - - - -
I don't know if this is a bug, but in interactive window when I
write e.g. a module name with dot and I continue writing a method,
it popups a list with avalable methods. If I click on any item
with a mouse, it copletes in a row. But if I press <Enter>,
it does not complete, but I think it should (like e.g. in Delphi.)
Clicking with mouse is slow.
- - - - - -
The behaviour mentioned in previous bug (popup "autocompletion" list)
is very useful. Would it be possible to add also very useful behaviour
known from IDLE 0.5, I mean when I write a function name and
the beginning bracket, it appears a tip "window" with list of arguments
of function and the docstring.
- - - - - -
In win32 extensions help file, there is not included a win32gui
module. I think it was included in build 125.
- - - - -
I use Python 1.5.2, Windows98 (4.10.1998)

Michal Bozon
Fac.Sci., Charles Univ., Prague, Czech. Rep
- - - - -
bozon at

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