Should Python documentation for __class__ be improved?

Jason Stokes jstok at
Thu Mar 16 04:37:56 CET 2000

Martin von Loewis wrote in message ...

>If you read the types page from the beginning to the end, you should
>notice the discussion of "Class", after which " __class__ is the
>instance's class" should be clear. However, if it isn't, it is
>difficult for the documentation write to know how the wording should
>be to make it clearer. So it would be good if you submitted improved
>wording yourself <no, I won't use wink>

I think the documentation is fine.  Explaining how you can use the __class__
attribute is the kind of thing that belongs in a "Power Python" book, but
the documentation is clear that class instances contain references to the
instance's class, that classes are objects that can be called as well.

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