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Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Thu Mar 9 20:41:13 CET 2000

Nick Trout <nick at> wrote:
>> All worship the all-beloved, universal and mighty C!
>> Note that Doom and all the Quake games have also been written without a
>> single opcode in assembler.
>> There are still times when assembler gives you better performance.  But
>> the article to which you are replying explains why that's not as often
>> any more.

> That's not true. Most of the software renderer was written in assembler. I
> assume other bits were as well but in the main, most of the game was written in
> C. Michael Abrash write a book called "The Zen of Graphics Programming" which
> details getting the most out of an x86 processor when you're rendering. Where
> else would he get the experience to do this since he worked on Doom and Quake?!

I definitely heard that Doom had some assembler routines, don't know about
Quake. I think you're wrong about Abrash though -- he wrote the original
version of this Zen book before he worked at ID software, as far as I


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