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Sun Mar 12 05:44:57 CET 2000

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Darrell <darrell at> wrote:
>Wrote a Forth like interpreter in Python.
>Probably useless but it gave me something to do today.

This is awesome!

>Kragen Sitaker mentioned in "What if Python Replaced Elisp" that Forth
>compilers were easy. He's right!

It was only hearsay!  I have the F83 source but have never understood
it :)

>I only did one branching instruction "if" and an assortment of other words.
>The compile phase could generate Python byte code or for real crazies
>assembler. Real Forth often comes with an assembler built in. So I can see
>how some version of Lisp might compile to assembler.

Traditionally, Forth includes a vocabulary that lets you assemble stuff
on the fly.  Execution of a word in the assembler vocabulary either set
up a parameter (e.g. source register) or appended an instruction to the
currently-being-built routine.
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