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   This is a copy of my previous announcement made without tables mostly for
archiving and easier searching on Deja.com. Some people may find this format
"better". Well...

   My Software page got major facelift!

Master site:


       I am publishing here Python-related software; mostly written by
   me. Unless otherwise noted, all software is free for any use. Please,
   provide a reference to my name; don't blame me for anything.
   Copyrighted by Oleg Broytmann and PhiloSoft Design.
       Some pieces of software are not so free - they are protected by


   m_Lib - BroytMann's extensions for Python Library.
   Download: m_lib.tgz
   Requires: nothing
   Recommends: nothing
   Suggests: nothing

   Inside the archive:

          (Note: this is not my module. I've downloaded it from the Net).
          This is rather old module that come before time.strptime()
          appeared in standard Python library (1.5.2). I extended it a
          bit and added Russian names for days, months, etc (both koi8-r
          and windows-1251 encodings).

          Some additional string handling/formatting functions.

          Date/time manipulation functions. Not as object-oriented as
          mxDateTime, but stll convenient, powerful and useful.
          In this module Date is a number of days since 1/1/1600 (up to
          31 Dec 3999). I am not sure about how easy it might be to
          extend the modules beyond these bounds. Time is just a number
          of seconds since midnight. User can add/subtract dates and
          times, calculate diffs ("how many days, months and years passed
          since 21 Dec 1967?") and so on. DateTime <==> UTC (GMT)
          conversion routines provided, too. This module required
          strptime.py for Russian month names.

          Few utilities useful in shell-like scripts - in addition to
          standard module shutil.

          Logging to file with custom logging formats.

          Additional WWW-oriented functions that needs to be in standard
          module cgi but missing. Also HTMLParser - a base class for all
          my HTML parsers.

          Small but convenient wrapper for md5 builtin module.

          Defines a function gen_salt() for builtin module crypt.

   mkclock.py, tstclock.py
          mkclock.py will test your system and generate a module
          clock.py, which provides the only function, clock(), similar to
          time.clock() but its values always started with 0. On some
          systems time.clock() returns current time, so you need to
          remember when the programs began and extract the value from
          current time(). clock() does this for you automatically!
          tstclock.py just test the generated module.

          Simple tty menu.

   mCorrect - Some patches I made for standard library. Now mostly
   obsolete. Detalied description available.
   Download: mcorrect.tgz
   Requires: nothing
   Recommends: nothing
   Suggests: nothing

   Inside the archive:

   tempfile.py, tempfile.diff
          DOS-related patches.

   os.py, os.diff
          DJGPP-related patches.

          Low-level classes to help implement DOS version of popen().
          Actual implementation is in os.py.

   FLAD - Flat ASCII Database and configuration files modules.
   Detalied description available.
   Download: flad.tgz
   Requires: nothing
   Recommends: nothing
   Suggests: pbar (for progress bars in examples)

   Inside the archive:

          Root class. Simple Flat ASCII Database loading/storing.

          FLAD with "must-keys". You can define a set of keys that must
          be presented in every record. Moreover you can define "other
          keys" that do not required to be in every record.

          Using FLAD to store/use configuration files.

          Using FLAD to store/use WINI.INI-like configuration files.

          Test programs and examples.

   test/test.txt, test/comment.txt, test/test.cfg
          Test files.

   pbar - TTY progress bar.
   Download: pbar.tgz
   Requires: nothing
   Recommends: nothing
   Suggests: nothing

   Inside the archive:

          Simple tty/console progress bar. Works on DOS/Windows/UNIX

          Test programs and examples.


   Bookmarks database and Internet robot - a set of programs I use to
   manipulate my bookmarks. Detalied description available.
   License: GPL
   Download: bookmarks_db.tgz
   Requires: m_Lib, flad
   Recommends: pbar
   Suggests: nothing

   Inside the archive:

          HTML parser class and database classes.

          The program to convert bookmarks.html to a database.

          The program to convert a database back to bookmarks.html.

          Check database for inconsistences.

          The first, very old version of robot.

          Newer version of robot, forking.

          Second part of the robot, subprocess.

          FLADatabase for db2bkmk - rules for converting some koi8 to
          win-1251 sites (URLs).

   This is old project - I have been developing it since 1997. It seems a
   bit outdated now, and I am working hard to rewrite it completely. The
   status of the rewrite is: new parser is Ok, new mechanism for
   pluggable databases, writers and robots is Ok; there are pickle and
   FLADold DB plugins, TXT and HTML writers, but still no robots. Work in

   Netscape history dump/reload - a set of programs I use to manipulate
   browser's history.
   Download: netscape_history.tgz
   Requires: Berkeley DB 1.85 and builtin module bsddb
   Recommends: nothing
   Suggests: nothing

   Inside the archive:

          The program to dump history file to a text file. The program is
          not mine - I found it searching DejaNews. Author: Hannu

          This is the opposite to ns-hist-dump - it loads the text file
          back to netscape history file.

   Extract MIME - template programs that show how to write tools to
   extract MIME attachements from incoming mail messages. Detalied
   description available.
   Download: extract_mime.tgz
   Requires: nothing
   Recommends: nothing
   Suggests: nothing

   Inside the archive:

          The template program.

          Shell wrapper to use extract_mime.py from /etc/aliases or such.

   bdftogd.py and mk_gdfonts - programs to convert BDF (XWindows) fonts
   to GD format.
   Download: bdftogd.py and mk_gdfonts
   Requires: m_Lib
   Recommends: pbar
   Suggests: nothing


          Program to convert BDF (XWindows) fonts to GD format. Tested
          with gd 1.2.

          Shell script to generate all gd fonts in once.


   rgb - an example of how to use PyGreSQL (PostgreSQL<=>Python
   License: GPL
   Download: rgz.tgz
   Requires: PyGreSQL, running PostgreSQL, running WWW server
   Recommends: rgb.txt from X11
   Suggests: nothing

   I have running RGB demo.

   Inside the archive:

          Module that hides connection details; later if you want
          move/rename your database or programs, or change user/password,
          you just need to edit one file.

          Program that parses rgb.txt (from X11, not included here) and
          put table of colors into rgb database. The datasbe must exists,
          so run "createdb rgb" before init_rgb.py.

          Very simple program that checks whether color parts are (not)
          exceede 255.

          The same as init_rgb.py, but it combined with check_255.py.

          CGI script that draws colors from rgb database and generates
          HTML table full of colors. The program wants one parameter
          "cube=N", where N is integer 1..8 - these are just 8 subcubes
          of big color cube.

  Oleg Broytmann http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/unix/797/ phd2 at email.com
           Programmers don't die, they just GOSUB without RETURN.

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