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[snip java stuff]
>Tcl's [exec] (think popen()) is neater than
>people realize; it does a *lot* for a developer.
>That's just a library issue, of course.
>Certain Tcl extensions are champs:  Tk, Expect,
>and Scotty are the most prominent.  What that
>says about the *language* is a complex story
>(and a different one in each case--sometime I'll
>tell the unabridged versions).

One reason that these extensions are so great is
the event model.  Well, the right way would be
to say that Tk forced Tcl to operate in an event-driven
manner, and this allows things like fileevent and
Scotty to be so slick.

I'm doing a little Python (via Zope) and the thing
I miss the most is the tcl event model.

>I think I still could make a weak but definite
>argument that Tcl is better as an extension
>language--that is, for facilitating the under-ten-
>line scripts that are a matter of indifference
>to you.

One reason that Tcl seems better as an extension
language, no two, reasons...

1) Documentation, including The Good Doctor Ousterhout's

2) The *old* calling sequence looked kinda like
   c main(), i.e. you get (after Client Data and interp) 
   an argc/argv list.  So this is very familiar to C 
   programmers.  Of course with the new object layer
   this changes.

-- cary

>Python's a better language than Visual Basic.
>It's not worth arguing about.
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Never touched VB.
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