When Python 1.6 is scheduled to be released?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at telia.com
Wed Mar 8 20:04:22 CET 2000

Shichang Zhao forgot to write:
> See subject!

the answer is here:


    "On 13 April 1999, the final version of Python 1.5.2 was released.

    This concludes the 1.5 development cycle. The main development
    focus will be on Python 1.6, planned before the summer of 2000.
    The new release schedule provides for a 1.7 release later in 2000
    (or early 2001); after that, we'll be working on "Python 3000" (the
    new code name for the grand Python redesign; the language will
    be incompatible)"

where "incompatible" means "similar, but better, and not fully
backwards compatible"


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