Experiences about Signal Processing with Numerical Python

Johannes Nix Johannes.Nix at mail.uni-oldenburg.de
Tue Mar 14 15:49:16 CET 2000


I have looked a little bit into Python as an alternative to do
research about signal processing algorithms. Currently nearly all
members of my group use Matlab, and it is a bit hard to convince
someone that another language could be more appropiate. My specific
task involves developing quite large programs (the C equivalent would
be more than 10000 lines), and the demand to work in a explorative and
experimental way and make (perhaps as soon as possible) a real-time
implementation (the kind of work I do was done before with dedicated
DSP systems which are very time-consuming to program).

Who has experiences with signal processing with Numerical Python,
especially large or complicated algorithms?

How does it compare to Matlab?

Is there anybody using Numerical Python for real-time data processing ?

There are various alternatives for scientific graphics plotting,
between them graphite, Dislin, ppgplot. The first two don't look very
"ready" currently. Any hints ?

Johannes Nix

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