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On Fri, 10 Mar 2000 15:21:20 -0600, Matthew Barre <mbarre at> wrote:
>Sorry about not giving enough detial. Maybe this will help
>> Your question is ambiguous, but I'll guess that you're trying
>> to enable the calling of Python scripts ending in .py via CGI,
>Yes I'm trying to make it so that when I refer to a cgi script in my cgi bin
>the script is executed instead of being just printed to the browser.
>> but
>> outside of your configured script aliased directories.
>The scripts reside in the cgi-bin directory that apache creates when it is
>installed. I have also created a cgi-bin on a user account and added the
>appropriate lines to access.conf, httpd.conf, and srm.conf to what I would
>think would allow scripts to be executed. Frustratingly the scripts don't
>run from either location.
>> If so, add this to the appropriate section of srm.conf (or httpd.conf,
>> if you follow the new single-file fad).
>> AddHandler cgi-script .py
>I added this line, but I still get the source code being printed to the
>browser. For assurance I tried it in httpd.conf and in srm.conf without

This is real weird, plain cgi always works for me!  Some questions -

Are you running Apache on a unix variant or Windows?
Do the printenv and test-cgi sample scripts that come with Apache work?
Did you compile it yourself?
Have you checked that mod_cgi is available?

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