Tangential anti-educationist rant (was: what is easier to lea rn first?...)

Alessandro Bottoni Alessandro.Bottoni at think3.com
Thu Mar 23 10:29:55 CET 2000

Hi Jürgen,

[Jürgen A. Erhard]
*Those* will be what moves Python into becoming a language that is
being taught.

[Alessandro Bottoni]
I agree. Actually, I'm looking around for a few "presentable" python
applications for my company, with the intent to use them instead of some
old, unmaintenable Perl tool. Maybe, I will write a few of them too, and I
hope to be able to release them under GPL.

[Jürgen A. Erhard]
PS: BTW, is there a list of Python-based apps somewhere?

[Alessandro Bottoni]
As long as I know, there isn't. There is just the "vaults of parnassus",

See you

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